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What is CCR?

Coordinated Community Response brings together not only the professionals that respond to domestic violence, but includes laypersons, community leaders, faith leaders, and others, to address domestic violence in their communities.

CCR Purpose:

The purpose of a coordinated community response is to develop a climate within the community where victims are safe and batterers are held accountable.

CCR Mission:

The Seminole County Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response Team is committed to increasing safety of victims and survivors  of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking by developing a systematic approach to improving and expanding services and holding offenders accountable by the continued advancement in policy and procedure in all aspects of the criminal justice system.


The team has developed the following goals:


  • Continue to add members to the team.
  • Develop system wide policy and protocol for domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking,      strangulation, and children at the scene.
  • Training for law enforcement and community member on the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
  • Fundraising for training and equipment.


A coordinated community response is not the sole responsibility of the

domestic violence service providers,

but of the whole community.

CCR Partnerships: 

Seminole Police Department

(405) 382-3434


Seminole County Sheriffs Office

(405) 257-3366


Seminole Nation Lighthorse

(405) 257-7254


Konowa Police Department

(580) 925-3803


Maud Police Department

(405) 374-2235


Wewoka Police Department

(405) 257-3366


Seminole Co. District Attorney Office

(405) 257-3343


OK DHS of Seminole County

Child Abuse Hot Line:(800) 522-0796


Youth & Family Services

(405) 257-5491


Family Resource Center

Crisis Line:  (800) 373-5608 

Contact Us

Carla Presley, CCR Coordinator

Tel:  (405) 382-5979 E-Mail: